The Missing Piece of the Turret Puzzle

23. Feb, 2015

It’s a necessary evil in the packaging world: taking the time to completely wash down the 175 lb. turret your funnels are attached to. Make way for the crane! Not only does the process take a good deal of time and impact productivity, it’s simply inconvenient, and even downright dangerous.

We wondered why no one had come up with an alternative to this traditional method of turret maintenance, and our engineers thought there had to be a better way. Or – better yet – a better turret. They asked: could the turret be segmented into easier to remove pieces and still maintain structural integrity?

In short: yes! Our team developed a unique segmented turret that is comprised of seven pieces, each weighing 25 lbs. Not only that, funnels can be removed without tools, so the entire removal and maintenance process is easier, faster, and safer for users.

It can be done. Keep that in mind the next time you’re faced with a challenge. Thinking outside of the turret can bring you the solution you need!

To learn more about the segmented turret and its application with Spee-Dee servomotor rotary auger fillers, check out our free white paper.

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