Drink Mixes

High-Speed Drink Mix Fills

Fill drink mix packages quickly and accurately with Spee-Dee’s drink mix fillers. Our filling machines easily handle a variety of drink mix packaging applications and operate at high speeds.

Our filling equipment can accommodate a wide variety of drink mix packaging, including: 

  • Three-side sealed pouches
  • Glass and plastic jars
  • Flexible, stand-up pouches
  • Pillow bags

We offer drink mix filling solutions that easily integrate with:

  • Vertical form fill and seal baggers (VFFS)
  • Horizontal form fill and seal pouch machines (HFFS)
  • Pre-made pouch machines
  • Spee-Dee rotary filling systems
  • Spee-Dee in-line conveyors

Spee-Dee’s drink mix fillers help ensure accurate product fills at high speeds, all while reducing downtime. Our filling and weighing machines include auger and rotary fillers, vacuum tooling options and checkweighers.

Spee-dee Drink Mix Cup
Spee-dee-Revolution Auger (1)

Achieve Drip-Free Fills with Auger Drink Mix Fillers

Spee-Dee’s augers easily handle drink mixes with free-flowing properties while improving cycle rates.

Spee-Dee’s Revolution auger fillers provide reliable, unmatched performance and affordable value that get your operations up and running fast.

  • Fill range of 5 grams to 5 pounds
  • Precise servo motor auger control
  • Powerful direct drive design
  • Up to 150 bags per minute on a continuous motion VFFS machine
  • PLC-based controls with full-color touch screen interface

3800 Servo Auger Filler

Spee-Dee’s 3800 servo auger filler brings high-speeds and efficiency for drink mix packaging changeovers for free-flowing granular and non-free flowing powders.

  • Exclusive sliding key tooling lock for tool-free changeovers
  • Servo drive accelerates to chosen speed to ensure smooth filling cycle
  • Memory for 50 product profiles by name or code
  • Billited hopper cover, quick disconnect hopper clamps and removable hopper gasket ensure sanitary operating conditions
  • Ability to adjust revolutions, auger or agitator speed while in operation
Spee-dee 3600 Auger
Spee-dee-Auger with vacuum

Achieve Drip-Free Fills with Auger Vacuum Tooling

When integrated with our vacuum tooling, fills become dust- and drip-free, and clean seals are guaranteed. Ideal for form fill and seal drink mix packaging, Spee-Dee’s 4800 auger features vacuum tooling, which is designed without moving parts, making it an ideal for drink mix filling.

  • Powder auger series 4800 integrates with vacuum tooling for dust-free fills
  • Available for high-torque applications
  • Ideal for product fills more than 5lbs

Rotary Fillers Load Rigid Drink Mix Packaging at High Speeds 

Spee-Dee’s high-speed rotary filling systems accurately fill drink mix packaging, including glass and plastic jars.

  • Achieve easier cleaning, maintenance and changeovers with tool-less change parts
  • Fast, hygienic changeover with patented magnetic filling funnel
  • Incorporate a Spee-Dee checkweigher to verify precise and accurate product fills
Spee-dee-High-Speed Rotary

Conveyor Systems Automate Filling Lines

Spee-Dee’s efficient conveyor systems pack products such as drink mixes into a variety of rigid containers.

  • Freestanding fillers reduce downtime and ensure fast product changeover with adjustable height stands for different container heights and diameters
  • Achieve easier cleaning and maintenance with removable belt and rails that remove easily without tools
  • An adjustable speed drive offers the ultimate flexibility and timing controls are readily accessible
  • Integrates with Spee-Dee’s volumetric cup fillers and auger fillers

PLC-Based Checkweighers Guarantee Accurate Drink Mix Fills

Spee-Dee’s PLC-based checkweighers check product weights at high speeds, helping to reduce costly product loss and ensure accurate product weights. 

  • Use as a standalone unit or integrate with new or existing lines
  • Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighing technology is 10 times more accurate than traditional strain gauge models and guarantees precise and reliable measurement
  • Communicate with other plant systems via non-proprietary PLC-based controls
  • Calibrate at your facility in one minute, without needing a Spee-Dee technician–simply follow on-screen prompts
Spee-dee Checkweigher

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