Accurate Cereal Filling at High-Speeds

Fill cereal and oatmeal packaging quickly and accurately with Spee-Dee’s breakfast food filling systems. Our filling machines easily handle the most challenging packaging applications.

Our filling equipment can accommodate a wide variety of cereal packaging, including:

  • Three-sided pouches
  • Flexible, stand-up pouches
  • Glass and plastic jars
  • Pillow bags
  • Single-serve cups

We offer filling machines that easily integrate with:

  • Vertical form fill and seal baggers (VFFS)
  • Horizontal form fill and seal pouch machines (HFFS)
  • Pre-made pouch machines
  • Spee-Dee rotary filling systems
  • Spee-Dee in-line conveyor systems

Spee-Dee’s breakfast food filling systems ensure accurate product fills by volume or weight at high speeds and reduce downtime.

Spee-dee Cereal
Spee-Dee Combination Filler

Combination Fillers for Multiple Cereal Components

Spee-Dee’s combination fillers are used when two or more additives are required, such as instant oatmeal with oats and dried fruits, pre-mixed in the same package.

  • Several configurations available to meet specific breakfast food filling applications
  • Easily integrate an auger (for pre-mixes) with up to two volumetric cup fillers (for additives)
  • Fill two particulates and a powder in a single pouch at rates up to 120 containers per minute with a three-filler equipment configuration
  • Reduces cleaning time by separating allergens from the rest of the filling line system

Advanced Volumetric System (AVS) Offers Precise Fills

Spee-Dee’s AVS directly mounts over a VFFS bag machine, replacing large, complicated multihead weighers that typically require a mezzanine. The AVS delivers precise fills when cereal packagers need to fill by volume and sell by weight.

  • Smart filler automatically adjusts fills based on feedback from the checkweigher to account for density fluctuation of cereal, oatmeal and other breakfast foods
  • Less than half the cost of a more complicated multihead weigher
  • Simple, operator-friendly design with fewer moving parts and less to maintain
  • Quick changeover of cups and tooling within minutes boosts uptime productivity versus several hours with typical multihead weighers
Spee-dee-Cereal AVS
Spee-dee-Cereal Volumetric Cup Filler

Cup Fillers Offer Accurate, Dependable Fills

Spee-Dee volumetric cup fillers are designed for fast cup size changeovers to optimize productivity, and can also accommodate bags, pouches or rigid containers.

  • Accurately fill containers up to 20 lbs
  • Achieve speeds up to 120 containers per minute
  • Simple servo drive system and minimal number of parts reduces changeover time and maintenance
  • Address diverse product fill needs with cups of varying sizes that can be easily inserted without tools
  • PLC controls offer flexibility to adjust timing settings and accommodate multiple drop fills

Conveyor Systems Automate Cereal Filling Lines

Spee-Dee’s efficient conveyor systems pack granular products including cereal, oatmeal and other breakfast foods into a variety of containers.

  • Freestanding fillers reduce downtime and ensure fast product changeover with adjustable height stands for different container heights and diameters
  • Achieve easier cleaning and maintenance with removable belt and rails that disconnect easily without tools
  • Accurate fills guaranteed with pneumatic indexing cylinders that position the container under the filler
  • An adjustable speed drive offers the ultimate flexibility and timing controls are readily accessible
  • Integrates with Spee-Dee’s volumetric cup fillers and auger fillers
Spee-dee-Cereal Filling

High-Speed, PLC-Based Checkweighers for Accurate Fills

Spee-Dee’s PLC-based checkweighers check product weights at high speeds, helping to reduce costly product loss and ensure accurate product weights. Our in-line checkweigher accurately weighs bag-in-box cereal quickly and efficiently.

  • Use as a standalone unit or integrate with new or existing lines
  • Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighing technology is 10 times more accurate than traditional strain gauge models and guarantees precise and reliable measurement
  • Communicate with other plant systems via non-proprietary PLC-based controls
  • Calibrate at your facility in one minute, without needing a Spee-Dee technician–simply follow on-screen prompts

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