Fast, Hygienic Filling and Weighing Solutions for Gummies

Fill gummy products with confidence with Spee-Dee’s simple, safe and hygienic filling and checkweigher solutions. Our equipment prevents product contamination and is designed with safety and sanitation in mind.

Our rotary filling systems easily integrate with numerous multihead weighers or counting machines to ensure reliable fills each and every time. A Spee-Dee patented segmented carousel assembly (U.S. Patent #10,994,879) helps stream gummies from the weigher to the filling system, allowing for high-speed, accurate container filling. In one installation, our gummy system is reliably filling containers with a 45 count at 180 bottles/minute.

Optimize your operations with faster fills and changeover rates with Spee-Dee’s simple and reliable gummy packaging systems.

Spee-dee-Patented Streaming System

High-Speed, Accurate Gummy Filling

Achieve fast, accurate fills with Spee-Dee’s gummy filling solution. Easily integrate a multihead weigher which ensures reliable, consistent and accurate counts each and every time, fill after fill.

Unmatched Streaming Technology

Spee-Dee’s patented product streaming system allows for high-speed container filling.

Spee-Dee’s patented segmented carousel assembly streams gummies without clumping.

  1. The weigher deposits gummies into the fill bucket
  2. Pocket dividers in the fill bucket separate the gummies
  3. String out plate deposits gummies in a stream

Filled with Sanitary and Quick Changeover Features

SD Machine Infographic Rotary-01-3-980x786

Hygienic Design Ensures Safe Product Fills

Spee-Dee’s hygienic rotary filling system for gummies is designed for fast filling and cleaning.

  • Food-safe funnels and adapters ensure quick changeover and sanitary filling
  • A rugged stainless steel frame and open base eliminate harborage areas and allow for easy cleaning
  • UHMW rails, hinges and cable clips designed for sanitary washdown environments
Spee-dee Gummy Hygienic
Spee-dee-Gummy Packaging System

Small Footprint for Easy Access

Our gummy packaging system provides accessibility for easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • Small, open base that holds the servo drive and gear box for the turret and starwheels
  • Guarding is independent of the frame itself and allows for easy 360° “walk-in” machine access
  • Product settling vibrator is floor mounted, no additional framing needed

Quick Changeover Boosts Gummy Production 

Reduce downtime and maintain production with our gummy filling solution that boasts the fastest changeover rate in the industry.

  • Fast, hygienic changeover with patented magnetic filling funnels and segmented fill plate
  • All timing screws, starwheels and rails feature a tool-less design that enable product switches on the fly
Spee-Dee PLC Based Checkweigher

High-Speed, PLC-Based Checkweighers

Spee-Dee’s PLC-based checkweighers check individual gummy containers and bulk cases of gummies at high speeds, helping to reduce costly product loss and ensure accurate fills.

  • Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighing technology is 10 times more accurate than traditional strain gauge load cells
  • Simple, one minute calibration at your facility without needing a Spee-Dee technician
  • Communicate with other plant systems via non-proprietary PLC-based controls

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