Accurate, Sanitary Filling and Weighing Solutions for Nutraceuticals

Spee-Dee offers several hygienic filling and weighing solutions for nutraceutical products. We work with you to develop and test a sanitary filling solution for your specific needs. Our filling equipment can accommodate many products, including nutritional, weight management, digestive health and overall well-being gummies and powders.

We offer filling solutions for nutraceuticals that handle many rigid containers, including:

  • Plastic tubs and bottles
  • Glass jars
  • Metal cans

Spee-Dee’s nutraceutical filling solutions will help optimize your operations with faster production rates and minimal changeover. Here are some of the more popular filling systems we have supplied to the nutraceutical industry. 

Spee-dee-Revolution Auger (2)

Sanitary Auger Fillers Perform Precisely for Nutritional Powders

Spee-Dee’s sanitary auger fillers provide high-speed filling for nutraceutical applications. Our augers fillers meet hygienic regulatory standards, including 3-A Sanitary Standards, and help prevent product contamination without product waste:

  • Easily integrates with rotary filling systems, conveyor lines and more
  • Engineered to meet the highest safety standards for dry products
  • Precise servo motor auger control and powerful direct drive design
  • PLC-based controls with full-color touch screen interface

Hygienic Rotary Fillers Package Powders and Gummies

Spee-Dee’s high-speed, hygienic rotary filling systems help the nutraceutical industry quickly, safely and cleanly fill powders and gummies into rigid containers of many sizes, shapes and materials.

  • Spee-Dee rotary quintuples filling capacity
  • Ensure accurate fills with container vibrators that settle product into the container
  • Achieve easier cleaning, maintenance and changeovers with tool-less change parts
  • Fast, hygienic changeover with patented magnetic filling funnel that eliminates the need for fasteners
  • Incorporate a Spee-Dee checkweigher to verify precise and accurate product fills
Spee-dee-Nutraceuticals Powder
Spee-dee-Complete Scale System-gummies

Complete Scale System Solutions for Gummies 

Spee-Dee helps ensure accurate and reliable gummy filling and weighing with a complete scale, rotary and checkweigher system. Our complete filling system eliminates clumps commonly associated with gummies and moist products.

Spee-Dee’s system features a patented baffle design that ensures gummies flow freely from multihead weighers into the rotary filler. We ship, install and calibrate the entire system to integrate and operate seamlessly with your existing production line.

High-Speed, PLC-Based Checkweighers

Spee-Dee’s PLC-based checkweighers check powder and gummy container weights at high speeds, helping to reduce costly product loss and ensure accurate fills.

  • Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighing technology is 10 times more accurate than traditional strain gauge load cells
  • Simple, one minute calibration at your facility without needing a Spee-Dee technician
  • Communicate with other plant systems via non-proprietary PLC-based controls
  • Use as a standalone unit or integrate with new or existing lines
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