Improve Your Productivity with Custom Solutions from Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

03. Apr, 2015

Filling your potential is the goal of every 3600 series auger filler unit. And when you’re faced with a unique set of obstacles or challenges, Spee-Dee can help you maximize your filling potential with more than a dozen custom options.

Every 3600 series servo drive auger filler helps you achieve precise, repeatable filling cycles. Whether you’re using a bagger, pouch machine, cartoner or conveyor line, the 3600 series filler is able to accomplish all of your high-torque, high-speed application requirements.

But what happens when you’re dealing with space limitations, need to meet new sanitary requirements or face an increased number of changeovers? Spee-Dee has the custom solution you need to optimize productivity.

  • Adjustable height stands: easily accommodate the height of different containers and readily adapt to complex line configurations or limited space
  • Belted head for low head room: increases clearance in the work area by reducing the height of the filler by up to 10”
  • Quick disconnect hopper clamps: allow the hopper to be removed quickly for easy cleaning and tooling changes
  • Hopper sight glass: window gives a single person access to the tooling for faster changeovers; also allows the operator to visually inspect the product in the hopper from the floor
  • Split hopper: makes maintenance and cleaning faster and easier; toolless changeovers increase efficiency
  • Sanitary upgrades: engineered to prevent product corruption from outside sources; materials and fabrications are specially engineered for packaging perishable dry products that require meticulous sanitary standards
  • Infeed screw: by controlling the speed and delivery rate of the infeed auger, you keep the product and pressure levels in the hopper constant; constant pressure overcomes the problem of hopper level variations and significantly enhances fill accuracy and repeatability; makes cleaning and changeovers faster and easier
  • Electrical control upgrades: we incorporate a control package that’s right for your specific electrical specifications; Programmable Logic Controls (PLC); human machine interface (HMI), servo motors and amplifiers and other components
  • High torque motors: Direct drive design; Servo motor provides high torque for applications with large fill weights and vertical form fill seals
  • 10 and 20 gallon hopper options: two hopper sizes help you better meet the requirements of your filling application to improve productivity.
  • Level controls: various designs to meet a multitude of product requirements; used to turn on the infeed device to fill the hopper; keeps the hopper head pressure constant to increase accuracy.

To view other features and optional equipment for Spee-Dee powder filling machines, please visit or call 877-375-2121 to speak to a Spee-Dee representative.

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