How Customers Help Drive Spee-Dee Innovation

26. Jan, 2015

At Spee-Dee, our customers are everything. Not only do we value the relationships we develop with customers when they purchase our products, but we rely on our customers to bring us their challenges so that we can create innovative solutions. So when a customer asked Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery to develop a high speed rotary auger filler capable of filling 250 cans per minute and offering quick parts changeover, we were excited.

Our engineers got to work and quickly narrowed down a unique solution: the implementation of servomotors. The innate intelligence of servomotors means that users can rely on repeatable results from programs stored in a programmable controller’s memory. Users merely select the desired program and the servo follows the program. When a container size change is made, the synchronization between the timing screw and infeed star wheel is stored in memory and eliminates the need for a mechanical change.

With servomotors as our basis, we designed a unique rotary auger filler that has servo drives on the main turret, timing screws and the auger fillers, enabling set up and changeover adjustments to be made with the push of a button. This enables the operation of each area to be electronically timed and provides integrated control ensuring smooth, efficient filler performance.

We’ve all heard the saying “it never hurts to ask,” and that’s certainly true when you work with Spee-Dee. Send us your challenge and see what we come up with!

Read more about the development and benefits of this servomotor-driven rotary auger in this free white paper.

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