Test Lab

Complete Product Testing Lab 

There’s nothing quite like your product, which is why our Test Lab treats it that way. Newly renovated, our 3,000 square foot test facility replicates your plant conditions to run products as they would in-house.

In the Lab, we simulate your production run to confirm you will achieve your desired rate, accuracy and line efficiency so that there’s no guesswork back at your facility. This rigorous testing process aids in overall risk reduction–the more we know about your product, the more successful your project will be. We encourage all customers to visit the lab to witness their product running on Spee-Dee equipment. 


Bulk Product Feeding Testing and More

A new mezzanine is integrated into the space to enhance the testing process. The mezzanine supports horizontal infeed screws and pneumatic conveyors to feed bulk product to our fillers.  

We contain dusty products using dust collection equipment and plastic curtains that surround the testing lab. With two sinks, an automatic washing machine, floor drains and an instant hot water heater, the space has full washdown capabilities for easy-clean up.

For added customer convenience, Spee-Dee maintains a sizeable tooling inventory which allows the lab technicians to find the right set up for your product. The large sample product storage area holds your product until product testing and final machine testing are complete.  

A density meter device and a Powder Flow Test unit allow us to collect critical data which improves the tooling specification process on even the most difficult of products. Detailed test results are provided to show filling accuracy, speed and test parameters. Our experienced technicians also include test summaries to explain the challenges certain products pose, as well as list the steps taken to overcome them. High-speed cameras record the tests to show product characteristics and any drip, string out or transition problems.

What Sets Us Apart

Key features include:  

  • 15’ x 40’ mezzanine, with a total of five test bays 
  • Three test bays with cutouts for integration with ancillary packaging equipment such as Vertical Form Fill Seal machines
  • Three available styles of mobile test equipment
  • Multiple auger fillers, cup fillers and a rotary test turret
  • Bulk product sample storage
  • Full washdown capability
  • And more 
sd-test-lab-2-bulk-feed (1)

Backed by Decades of Experience 

The Test Lab is run by Dennis Mulder, Applications Technical Expert, who has been with Spee-Dee since 1981 and has over four decades of application knowledge and product expertise. Mulder and his team coordinate every aspect of the testing process and work to ensure that efficiencies are maximized for each customer’s application.  

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