Your Cleanest and Safest Choice in Rotary Fillers

10. Dec, 2015

Would you be interested in a Rotary Filler that was easier to keep clean and improved safety features for your line operators?

We started with an all stainless steel construction for long-lasting durability and improved cleanliness. Compared to traditional rotary fillers, the smaller base and innovative trapezoidal design has less surface area to keep clean. Less base area means less to clean— and less cleaning time means more time for filling!

The Rotary Filler also features a guard that covers the infeed and outfeed conveyors, promoting safer practices for machine operators. The filling funnels attach to the turret using imbedded magnets, which means no fasteners or catch points, which also makes the filler safer and more sanitary.

Lexan doors surround the filler from the floor to the top of the machine for better protection. The doors offer excellent visibility inside the machine, allowing operators to monitor its performance and quickly identify maintenance concerns before they become an issue.

If you’re filling spices, nuts, baby formula or another dry powder product into rigid containers, Spee-Dee’s new Rotary Filler keeps your line running faster, safer and cleaner.


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