Tool-less Design for Simple Maintenance

09. Dec, 2015

When we designed our new Rotary Filler, we took the tools away to keep downtime to a minimum. Spee-Dee’s engineers developed our new Rotary Filler with an innovative tool-less design to make maintenance and changeovers a breeze.

All change parts are completely tool-less. The augers can be moved to the outside area of the machine, which allows easy access to change tooling. Other parts like the timing screw, star wheels and guides can also be removed quickly and easily.

We also added a servo-driving timing screw, which is used to space containers so they feed into the first star wheel properly and with more accuracy. Additionally, there are quick-change adaptors that attach to the funnels to accommodate different sized containers. These funnels connect to the turret using magnets in place of fasteners. The lack of fasteners makes itmore sanitary and also improves maintenance and changeover times.

Spee-Dee’s Rotary Filler also features an independent vibration rail that is isolated from the rest of the machine. Due to its independence from the rest of the machine, the vibration does not interfere with the machine’s operation, which enhances accuracy and reduces vibration-related mechanical complications.

With its tool-less design, Spee-Dee’s new Rotary Filler useswell-thought innovation to slash the time it takes for cleaning and changeovers.Our Rotary Filler’s tool-less design improves efficiency, but stay tuned to learn how we made the new Rotary Filler more sanitary!

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