Rotary Fillers From Spee-Dee: Easy Access for Effortless Changeovers

07. Dec, 2015

When we redesigned our Rotary Filler, our engineers addressed every issue anyone ever had with old, traditional models. The efficiency experts at Spee-Dee developed a brand new Rotary Filler designed to slash downtime.

We solved the problems of accessibility and surface area management to make cleaning, changeovers and maintenance faster and more convenient than ever before. The sleek and modern design of the base for our Rotary Filler has less surface area to clean and improves access to the entire machine.

Conventional rotary fillers have a large box-shaped support base, commonly 24 inches tall and with a footprint of approximately six feet by eight feet. This boxy design has more flat surface area to keep clean and makes accessing the machine’s motor cumbersome.

Using a smaller base increases the number of access points (compared to similarly sized rotary fillers). Unlike the competition’s large rectangular base, our innovative design translates to a smaller base, which gives you open access to all sides of the machine.

The streamlined design has access doors on all sides of the machine for trouble-free cleaning and maintenance. They span from the floor to the height of the hopper. When open, these doors allow total access to the machine and all change parts.

The innovative base design isn’t the only thing that speeds up changeovers. Imagine how much faster they could be if you didn’t need tools!  See Spee-Dee Rotary Fillers.

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