Knowledge Speaks, But Wisdom Listens

17. Jun, 2016

Three things differentiate Spee-Dee from our competitors: personalized customer care, customizable product lines, and the skill that brings those two things together, which is listening. Our long-term customers stay with us because we adhere to the old adage that knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

Whether it’s a big job or a small one, always make it a personal experience. By treating every customer like a partner, your customers will see you as more than a vendor.

Listen closely for your customer’s real need. Don’t listen for which products you can sell them; listen for what they want your products to do.

Respond quickly. A slow response can make your customer feel unheard, unseen and unimportant. Responding quickly—even if it’s just to say you got their message—says “I hear you. Your needs are important to me, too.”

Whenever possible, give your customers options. Your perfect solution might not be theirs. Even if it is, letting them evaluate their options shows you respect their judgement. Give them options to compare, and review the pros and cons of each alternative.

Finally, follow through on your word and follow up on your promises. Everyone means to follow up; but few actually do. Spee-Dee prides itself on taking care of people before, during and after every project. What we learn from past projects helps us improve future ones.


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