Is Their Definition of “Custom Cure” the Same as Yours?

09. Mar, 2016

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all…

Our customers have told us a lot of stories over the years. Usually, they’ve struggled with a specific challenge for some time, and more often than not, have found little in the way of custom results. Many food manufacturers have resigned themselves to settle for whatever their machinery provider offers because they believe that there are no answers beyond the presented product line.

There’s a reason why Spee-Dee is willing to do what the other guys aren’t.

One such story is about a coffee bagging company. This company contacted us and explained that they needed an auger filler to accommodate a small-fill coffee operation at a very high speed. Package filling at the speeds they requested hadn’t been done before, but we showed that it could be accomplished and that Spee-Dee fillers were capable of doing the job accurately and consistently. All it took was the correct calibration paired with some creativity from our engineering team.

Even though our filler could do the job right, it was more costly than a competitor’s bid. They claimed that they could provide a cheaper “solution,” so the coffee company went with the competitor.

Shortly after, the customer came back to us asking for help. Later, they told us that the competitor had a tech in for a week trying to match our machine’s filling performance test. They couldn’t reach the high speed fill rate of the Spee-Dee filler. In fact, the competitor’s technician damaged the machine tooling in his effort to match our results.

The bagger company called us back and we placed a quick order to replace the damaged tooling. This bagger company already had a Spee-Dee demo Auger Filler available for testing. Once we had received the tooling, we sent one of our techs over to the bagger company to help install the Spee-Dee Auger filler and new tooling. Within four hours, he had the machine up and operating smoothly, fully integrated and running at the targeted fill rate… 140 units per minute.

Since this success story, the customer has purchased five more machines from Spee-Dee and now only buys Spee-Dee brand auger fillers.

Spee-Dee is built on the foundation that, no matter what challenge a customer has, our engineers and technicians will do everything possible to overcome any filling problem. If it’s possible, Spee-Dee makes it happen.

Do you have a filling problem that still needs solving? Your custom cure could be just one phone call away.

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