02. Feb, 2016

We’ve all heard this before. If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

When it comes to long-standing filling challenges, many of us have resigned ourselves to the fact that some problems just can’t be fixed. We think it’s impossible to achieve a perfectly clean seal with certain free flowing mixes and we live with sloppy, leaky seals. We live with slower speeds to allow dust and drips to settle before the next fill. But let’s remember; every major challenge in manufacturing was thought impossible until somebody did it!

Over the last several years, Spee-Dee has been committed to working out otherwise unworkable problems. When certain mixes began to compromise the quality of many form/fill seals, Spee-Dee introduced its vacuum tooling. This innovative solution prevents drips and dribbles by creating adequate charge separation when packaging free flowing and semi-non free flowing products.

By eliminating drips and dust, producers can achieve a clean, good-looking seal. They can also prevent “leakers” without having to slow down production. Vacuum tooling can actually speed up the filling cycle.

When vacuum pressure is engaged, air is drawn through the mesh screen at the bottom of the auger funnel to densify the powder. This vacuum action holds the product inside the funnel and stops the flow of product. In addition to NO drips, NO dribbles and NO clumps, there are no moving parts!

If you’re living with a filling problem you think is unwinnable, present your challenge to Spee-Dee. We’ve spent more than 35 years defying convention and introducing exclusive innovations like vacuum tooling. We made it our mission to help our customers score safer, cleaner and more efficient running lines.

Check back to see how we helped a cereal company solve the battle of the “half full” box.

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