3800/4800 Series Auger Fillers

Precise, Repeatable Filling Cycles with 3800/4800 Auger Fillers

Spee-Dee 3800/4800 Series auger fillers help you achieve precise, repeatable filling cycles—and virtually eliminate maintenance. The innovative servo direct drive design gives you a smooth, repeatable filling cycle for free-flowing granular and non-free-flowing powder substances. Our smart design couples the motor directly to the auger shaft, eliminating more than 30 wear parts found in traditional clutch/brake and other auger filling systems.

Spee-dee-3800-4800 H1

Versatile Auger Fillers for Various Products

No matter what your product needs may be, Spee-Dee’s versatile auger fillers have you covered. From nutraceutical powders to industrial chemicals, Spee-Dee has the right filler for your product.

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