Single Auger Powder Fillers


Spee-Dee Model 3600: Auger Powder Filler

Our most versatile powder filler. The Spee-Dee model 3600 servo auger powder filler enables you to achieve precise, repeatable filling cycles. With each fill signal, the drive accelerates to a chosen speed, turns a selected number of revolutions and decelerates to a gentle stop. The outcome is increased filling accuracy, less giveaway of costly product, and a noticeably improved bottom line. Spee-Dee model 3600 features Bosch Rexroth motion and an Allen Bradley PLC. A 7” full-color touch screen HMI operator interface allows the operator to make quick adjustments on the fly. A multitude of options and configurations are available to ensure that your powder filler meets your specifications as precisely as it fills your powders.

Revolution Series Auger

The newest addition to Spee-Dee's powerful line-up of equipment, the Revolution Series is the first stock production Spee-Dee filler. It features a simplified design, resulting in a lower cost, faster delivery filler. The delivery goal for a Revolution Series Auger is just four weeks from when the column height and tooling are specified. Revolution powder fillers feature the same reliability and accuracy as our model 3600, which makes it ideal for traditional auger applications, such as baking mixes, spices, and frac pack coffee.




Spee-Dee Model 4600: Auger Powder Filler

Spee-Dee model 4600 servo auger fillers are designed to run larger fills and other applications where a higher torque motor is required. Model 4600 auger fillers use a gear box to increase the torque output of the filler. For large fill size applications, a 20 gallon hopper is also used. Spee-Dee model 4600 auger feature Bosch Rexroth motion and an Allen Bradley PLC.  Many of the same options and configurations available for the model 3600 are also available for the 4600.

Low Profile Belt Drive Auger Filler

To accommodate production facilities with limited space, our innovative design team created the Low Profile Auger Filler, which stands a full 10 inches shorter than our standard model, yet delivers the same time and cost saving benefits. The low profile powder filler uses a belt and pulley system to connect the servo motor to the auger shaft. This allows the motor to be inverted, reducing the height significantly. The low profile model also uses a smaller hopper to further reduce the height.





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