Sanitary Auger Powder Filler

Spee-Dee Sanitary Auger Filler

The Spee-Dee sanitary auger is designed to meet the rigorous hygiene standards of the regulatory agencies that preside over sensitive powder packaging. The sanitary auger is ideal for infant formula, whey and other dairy powders, pharmaceutical powders, and other applications with very high hygiene standards.

Auger Features

  • Domed hopper cover
  • No fasteners in product area
  • Agitator seal design prevents infusion
  • Quick disconnect hopper clamps
  • Servo motor precision auger control
  • Sloped shroud design
  • Tri-clamp tooling funnel connection

Spee-Dee can now apply the 3-A symbol to its filling equipment that conforms to the 3-A sanitary standard number 27-06 for the packaging of dry products.

Use of the 3-A symbol is authorized for several models of Spee-Dee auger fillers. These fillers are used for sanitary applications such as powdered dairy and other dry mild products, infant formula, powdered eggs, whey powder, and neutraceeuticals. There are also a grown number of pharmaceutical applications. The materials and fabrications of these hygienic fillers are specially engineered for packaging perishable dry products that require meticulous sanitary standards. When designing sanitary fillers, the Spee-Dee engineering team analyzes all the critical points and removes all fasteners from the product zone. The enhanced design improves access for better cleaning and meets the rigorous hygiene standards necessary for packaging highly regulated food products.downloadbrochure

sanitary powder filler
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