What Type Of Powder Filling Machine or Auger Filler Are You Looking For?

powder auger filler cup powder filler
Auger-Powder Fillers Cup Fillers
rotary filler
Rotary Fillers

Spee-Dee auger powder filling machines employ our rigid engineering and manufacturing standards to produce the perfect filling machine for various dry products, from free flowing granular products to non-free flowing powders. Our servo drive cup fillers accurately fill particulates as small as salt or as coarse as popcorn at speeds of up to 140 fills per minute. Our cup filler is designed to serve a variety of packaging applications ranging from a simple hand fill to interfacing with automatic equipment such as vertical form fill seal machines and conveyor systems. The Spee-Dee high speed rotary auger powder filler utilizes servo technology to eliminate time-consuming manual adjustments. Rotary fillers are perfect for powdered products in rigid containers at rates of 100 to 400 containers per minute.

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