Spee-Dee’s Combination Filler Saves Customers Time and Money by Filling Two or More Different Products at the Same Time

11. Aug, 2014

Sometimes, two is better than one. Spee-Dee’s combination fillers allow you the benefit of filling two or more different elements, such as dry powder products and particulates, into one container at the same time on an automatic pouch machine – saving you time and valuable space in your plant.

Using a combination filler on an automatic pouch machine greatly speeds up the process, filling pouches as fast as 120 per minute. This is a much quicker rate than a packager using multiple filling machines to put multiple elements into a pouch as it needs to move from filler to filler to receive each element – a slow, time-consuming process.

Another advantage of using a Spee-Dee combination filler is that they blend elements when dispensing into pouches for a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Pouches filled on a single-fill machine tend to layer or clump elements since they’re not being blended during the fill process.

Spee-Dee combination fillers also have a much smaller footprint in a plant than multiple fillers – saving valuable plant floor space. Plus, they use only a single electrical enclosure and one touch screen to operate multiple fillers.

For added flexibility, Spee-Dee combination fillers are available in formats such as two augers, two cups, auger/cup, and multi-lanes; they are designed to your specific application. Every Spee-Dee combination filler is custom made to customers’ exact specifications. The ability to fill faster and save space – those are two great advantages Spee-Dee can provide.

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