09. Feb, 2016

The secret to faster change overs has been blown wide open. The new rotary filler from Spee-Dee slashes downtime thanks to an innovative all-access design. We like to tell people, “Think of it like a time machine.” It won’t bring you years into the future, but over the life of the machine, it will save you years in downtime.

When Spee-Dee’s engineers redesigned its newest rotary filler, they fixed what line operators didn’t like about old, traditional models. By improving accessibility at all points of the machine, they made cleaning, changeovers and maintenance faster and more convenient. The sleek, modern base design opens access to the entire machine.

With more convenient access to the base, drive system and change parts… cleaning, maintenance and changeovers are straightforward and trouble-free. The innovative design allows access to all sides of the machine. Servicing the motor is now much easier, and the efficient construction means there is less flat surface area to clean.

The streamlined design has access doors on all sides of the machine (spanning from the floor to the height of the hopper) for trouble-free cleaning and maintenance. When open, these doors allow total access to the machine and all change parts. All change overs are accomplished without tools. In addition, all servo drives between the conveyor, timing screw, star wheels and the main turret allow for electronic set up. To top it off, the all stainless steel construction makes this a very sanitary machine.

If you’d like to learn more about this time-saving innovation… fast, effortless change overs are just a phone call away.


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