Correct Sizing of Rotary Fillers – Is it Really Important?

03. Oct, 2016

In order to deliver a rotary filler that meets a customer’s needs, it’s crucial to have a complete understanding of how to size a filling system as part of the initial application assessment. This not only includes the size and type of rotary filler, but it also means providing the optimal tooling for the entire range of products the customer will use in their filling application.

We don’t do that at Spee-Dee. Instead, we start with a 4-step methodology that we call Application Driven Machine Sizing:

  • Product Initial Assessment – Using various analytical tools, the initial product flow requirements are established as a baseline. Further product testing is performed to refine the product flow requirements.

  • Container Initial Assessment – By using a parametric CAD based model layout, the fit for the container is evaluated at critical points throughout the filler. Critical attention is given to how the container moves throughout the system at all transition points and elevations.

  • Experience Evaluation – The application engineering team combines these product and container assessments for a more thorough machine size determination. To verify settling time, further product testing is performed over an appropriate vibration stand using a sample funnel based on the container assessment. The engineering team then makes any additional adjustments as needed.

  • Application Driven Design. At this point, if all of the criteria are met, an appropriate filler size can be determined and a final layout drawing made. This takes the following into account:
    • Flow sizing calculations
    • Physical sizing layout/s
    • Product testing for vibration and settling
    • Sizing of the tooling
    • How much time is required to actually fill the product
    • How much time under each pocket
    • Number of augers required

It is only after this thorough assessment process that we can choose the size and type of filler needed for the application. At Spee-Dee, we believe a customer’s requirements should never be compromised to fit a pre-existing catalog selection.

Cezary Mroz

Chief Applications & Innovation Engineer

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