Concerned About Food Safety? Spee-Dee® Has A Solution. //

Spee-Dee’s Sanitary Servo Drive Auger Filler’s product contact parts are constructed from corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain stainless steel. Plus, we’ve created a design that eliminates threads and fasteners from areas in contact with food – eliminating cracks and crevices that can result in product contamination. You’ll be impressed with the speed and ease with which product cleaning and changeover operations are completed.

Spee-Dee will help you with your most challenging dry product filling requirements. Call us today!

Fill By Weight And Volume With AVS //

Spee-Dee’s Advanced Volumetric System (AVS) allows your company to decrease target weights in the filling process (and profit from improved accuracy rates) because the system automatically adjusts to shifts in product density.  Its compact design requires a fraction of the space demanded by a combination scale, while its innovative construction enables product changeovers to be efficiently completed within minutes.


Contact Spee-Dee today to learn how the innovative AVS will improve the profitability of your facility!

Spee-Dee Slashes Customer’s Overhead Expense //

Recently, Spee-Dee recommended to a customer a more productive method to fill extruded snack foods.  In this process, we installed a high performing Spee-Dee servo cup filler in place of a traditional scale system.  In addition to featuring a significantly lower price tag, the Spee-Dee servo solution utilizes less production space, simplifies product changeover and reduces ongoing system maintenance expense.


Allow Spee-Dee to help your company benefit from greater profitability.  Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation project evaluation.

Spee-Dee Offers A FREE, No-Obligation Program Designed To Maximize Profitability //

Allow the experienced Spee-Dee team of packaging professionals to demonstrate how the incorporation of new, technologically advanced dry fill equipment, or improvements to your existing system, will result in an immediate Return On Investment. 


Our highly effective Cost Savings Analysis program will reveal how your company will profit as a result of greater fill speed, improved accuracy and optimum system uptime.  Step one is to call 877-375-2121 to schedule a visit with a Spee-Dee representative at your facility.

Spee-Dee® Servo Auger Accessories Deliver Significant Time And Cost Savings //

The Spee-Dee team is able to dramatically improve the productivity of your operations by incorporating system options within our Servo Digitronic® Auger Fillers.  These include a Quick Disconnect Hopper Clamp, which enables the hopper to be quickly removed for faster cleaning and tooling changes.  Plus, our Hopper Sight Glass window feature provides immediate access to tooling for quick system changeover by one, rather than two, employees.


Contact us today to learn how Spee-Dee will economically resolve your company’s specific project requirements.

Spee-Dee Delivers Proven Results Through Pre-Installation Testing //

Spee-Dee’s centrally located corporate headquarters houses an impressive factory acceptance testing center that allows our team to accurately simulate how your system will function before it reaches your facility.

In fact, we are able to incorporate additional packaging equipment, including V/F/F/S units, conveyors, check weighers and infeed systems, to form a fully operational packaging line. Plus, Spee-Dee can process products that are difficult to fill, such as those that are dangerous and/or dusty.

See us in operation by scheduling a personal tour of our facility!


Sturtevant, Wis. — James P. Navin, President of Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc., announced that Timm Johnson, the company’s Vice President, Sales/Marketing, has been named to the Board of Directors for the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI).  “This honor is a reflection of the respect Timm has earned within our industry through his many years of extensive involvement with the PMMI organization.  The entire Spee-Dee team is proud of his achievement,” he stated.  

            According to Johnson, the Board is composed of 16 members reflecting diversity in both the size and geographic location of the companies represented.  Johnson’s four year appointment was ratified by the group’s membership at PMMI’s recent annual meeting.

“Spee-Dee has been a long-standing member of PMMI and we have continued to reap significant benefits from the technology, networking and marketing resources the organization provides – all designed to assist members remain competitive in a growing global marketplace.  My new position on the Board of Directors will result in increased exposure for Spee-Dee within the industry, providing us with greater visibility and enhanced opportunities to assist end-users and collaborate with other packaging equipment manufacturers,” he concluded. Johnson currently serves as a member of the Education & Workforce Development Committee.  During his decade of service to PMMI, Johnson has also held positions on the Business Intelligence and Global Marketing committees.


About PMMI

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) is a trade association with more than 500 member companies that manufacture packaging and packaging-related converting machinery, commercially-available packaging machinery components, containers and materials in the United States and Canada.  PMMI’s vision is to be the leading global resource for packaging, and its mission is to improve and promote members’ abilities to succeed in a global marketplace.  The group is responsible for managing PACK EXPO trade show events, as well as conferences, directories and other industry resources.

Spee-Dee Repeats Leadership Award //

Packaging World magazine launched an industry-based program, The Leadership in Packaging Award, back in January of 2010 to recognize excellent business leaders in the packaging machinery and material and service suppliers industry. Among the thousands of votes that were tallied in the online competition this year, participants, which included both end users and industry peers, had the opportunity to vote for their favorite manufacturer in many different categories. Of all the votes that were casted, we are proud to announce Spee-Dee as the 2011 category leader for Filling for Dry Products, Capping and Induction Sealing. Spee-Dee won this award last year as well, proving that Spee-Dee is a consistent leader in the packaging industry.

Make sure to look for us in the December 2011 issue of Packaging World!

Pack Expo 2011 successfully completed //

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Pack Expo Las Vegas show a success.  We especially want to thank all of the visitors who came by our booth and all of our packaging partners who recommended Spee-Dee to their visitors.

For those reading this that weren’t able to make it to the show, or didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth (we know, it’s a HUGE show!) here’s what you missed:

The Fillers
Spee-Dee had several machines on display. The main attractions this year were our model 3600 Auger Filler equipped with our innovative split hopper, and our Quad(4-lane) auger filler. Spee-Dee also had on hand a model 3600 Auger Filler equipped with a horizontal infeed screw, a CB6S volumetric cup filler capable of speeds of 130 fills per minute, the economical CHE cup filler, and an example of our servo conversion kit. For more information about the machines we had at the show check out our Pack Expo preview blogs!

The Lecture
Spee-Dee had the honor of joining hundreds of other packaging professionals in hearing a lecture by Retired General Colin Powell. General Powell spoke about leadership, buiding up the people you work with, improving your team, and even took some time out at the end for a question and answer session (he will NOT be running for president).

The Rest of the Show
With over 1,500 exhibitors, Pack Expo Las Vegas is one of the largest packaging industry trade shows in the world. Spee-Dee was privilliged to have our fillers displayed in several other exhibitors’ booths. Cup fillers were interfaced with equipment in the Bosch, Matrix, and Sealstrip booths, and our model 3600 auger filler was displayed in the TNA booth.

Pack Expo Preview 6: Auger with Infeed Screw //

3600 Auger Filler with Horizontal Infeed Screw


Allen Bradley PLC with Maple Systems full color touch screen

Servo drive technology with belted configuration

Quick disconnect hopper clamps

Vegavib hopper level control

Horizontal infeed screw

Tool-free tooling changeover with sliding key

Talking Points:

Infeed screw guarantees consistent head pressure, which improves accuracy

Infeed screw versatility :
-Can be connected to any bulk product source
-Works with any product filled on an auger

Belted drive design allows for filler to fit in lower headroom areas

Sight glass allows for visual monitoring of product flow, and easier access to tooling for changeover

Available Options:

Allen Bradley HMI
Adjustable height stand
Extended cable lengths
 Split hopper(not compatible with sight glass)
NEMA 4X stainless steel electrical enclosure
And many more!