Ask and Ye Shall Receive Sanitary Solutions

02. Feb, 2015

One of the most exciting things to happen at Spee-Dee is to have our customers come to us with a specific challenge they’d like us to solve. Coming up with solutions for them is what our engineering team is here to do, and we recently had a customer request that really put our team’s ingenuity to work.

To ensure the safety of its products, one of the largest food companies in the world asked Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. to design a sanitary auger filler that would meet its sanitary design specifications as well as position the company to meet the anticipated requirements of the evolving FSMA standards.

By focusing on the critical aspects of sanitary equipment design such as minimizing the amount of surface area that must be cleaned, making parts and assemblies easy to access and inspect, simplifying disassembly so actions can be completed without tools, and establishing cleaning and sanitizing procedures that are easily repeated by all employees, Spee-Dee transformed its standard 3600 servo auger filler into a 3600 sanitary servo auger filler.

Unlike the standard auger filler, which has flat surfaces, the sanitary unit has angled surfaces, a sloping shroud, and a dome shaped hopper cover to allow any fluids to drain away from the machine. Other design changes included moving the mechanical connections outside the product contact area, using a sanitary clamp instead of thumb screws to connect the tooling funnel to the unit, and making all surfaces of the filler under or adjacent to the driving mechanism for easy accessibility. These unique alternations to the standard auger filler ensured that the company met sanitary design requirements, and positioned them to remain compliant for years to come.

Challenged by changing sanitary guidelines? Contact us or check out our sanitary auger filler white paper to learn how Spee-Dee can help.

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