Servo Drive Auger Fillers

Created to address high speed, high torque application requirements, the Spee-Dee® Servo was designed specifically to conquer needless waste in dry fill packaging operations that utilize automatic equipment such as baggers, pouch machines or conveyor lines.

The Direct Drive System Improves Profitability by Accomplishing the Following:

Significantly Reducing Product Giveaway

The Spee-Dee Servo Auger enables you to achieve precise, repeatable filling cycles. With each fill signal, the drive accelerates to a chosen speed, turns a selected number of revolutions and decelerates to a gentle stop, resulting in a repeatable filling cycle each time. The outcome is increased filling accuracy, less giveaway of costly product, and a noticeably improved bottom line.

Decreasing Downtime

The innovative Servo motor direct drive design eliminates more than 30 wear parts, replacing them with a motor that is coupled directly to the auger adaptor. The result is the virtual elimination of time-consuming maintenance and costly worn part replacement, making aggravating downtime nearly non-existent.

Improving Productivity

Our standard 6″ full color touch screen operator interface offers your operators instant access to all fill parameters, on-screen diagnostics and immediate setting adjustments. Additionally, up to 50 product menus can be stored by name, not by code, for easy, fast and accurate programming.

An Easy and Cost-Effective Upgrade to Existing Machinery

Obtain all the cost-saving benefits of a direct drive auger at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine by converting your existing clutch/brake system to a Servo 3500 Auger Filler.

Here’s how you’ll save:

• By retaining the column, head casting, agitator system, hopper and cover and auger tooling, we are able to keep the cost of converting an existing machine down to the bare minimum.

• The upgrade can be performed by your own staff in as little as four hours. Or, let the Spee-Dee team perform the upgrade for no additional charge beyond the unit price and shipping!

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