Auger Filler Conversion Kit


Servo 3600 Conversion Kits

An Easy and Cost-Effective Upgrade to Existing Machinery
Obtain all the cost-saving benefits of a direct drive auger at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine by converting your existing clutch/brake system to a Servo 3600 Auger Filler.

Here’s how you’ll save:

  • By retaining the column, head casting, agitator system, hopper and cover, and auger tooling, we are able to keep the cost of converting an existing machine down to the bare minimum.
  • The upgrade can be performed by your own staff in as little as four hours. Or, send the unit to us and let the Spee-Dee® team perform the upgrade for no additional charge beyond the unit price and shipping!

Unique Features of the 3600 Conversion:

Touch Screen Operator Interface

Our standard 7″ full color touch screen operator interface is available worldwide. It enables the operator to control and change parameters, while the machine is running, such as:

  • Number of revolutions
  • Auger speed
  • Auger acceleration
  • Agitator speed
  • Agitator mode (ON, OFF, OFF AFTER)
  • Slow jog
  • Empty hopper
  • Product memory for 50 product profiles
  • On-screen diagnostics
  • User friendly pop-up menus
  • Storage of product recipes by name, not by code


Each machine is controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC. No proprietary parts are used, thus, our equipment is easily serviced with components that are readily available worldwide.

Variable Speed Agitation

Variable speed agitator control is added to the machine. Tailoring the speed to each product’s flow characteristics ensures the auger flights are full by consistent feeding of the product, while the “off after” mode eliminates product damage by shutting down the agitator when filling is discontinued. Ten distinct agitator speeds of up to 60 RPM are available.